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8 thoughts on “ Dem Nuh Like

  1. Mi dag Jahvy produce da one ya you zeet Yuh nuh see seh we a create waves like the ocean yea When yuh deh a bed and yuh so loud explosion A we mek the commotion dem.
  2. None a dem nuh deh pon mi level, hombre not even I know how I do it I just do it like Jordan or Lewin, or Shaquille or Kobe and no one can stop mi Mi nuh know when but a nuh today a nuh tomorrow And a nuh today a nuh tomorrow, buss it like in a betta tomorrow Mi rifle dem nah jam like door jam Mi gun dem nah itch pon program Yuh nuh si seh you.
  3. Jan 17,  · Nuh Like People Lyrics: *Kisses teeth* / Man d'even too inna the mood / Dymond, hurry up and record this so me can go a mi yard, yah man / Today dem a .
  4. Fucka dem Tawch Nah fi like mi gwan guh suck yuh madda Badda than Osama Plus mi have di gyal dem wit me Skin it out mi knock it wid hammer Beat yuh pon di nana We nuh beg dem No fool can bait we dawg Cah dis ah classic we nuh only set trend And we nuh beg fren Fly man ah fly inna duppy.
  5. Written By: Cleo. T itled: New Year/New Me, New Year/New Tea itled: New Year/New Me, New Year/New Tea.
  6. Title: Above Dem (A We Dem Nuh Like) (Raw) Genre: Dancehall | Reggae ↓ DOWNLOAD Alkaline. Alkaline - Cree. Alkaline - High Props (Raw) Alkaline - High Props (Clean) Alkaline - High Props. Alkaline - Nah Fi Like (Raw) Alkaline - Nah Fi Like (Clean) Alkaline - Nah Fi Like.
  7. Dem nuh like we tru wi clothes we ah wear dem a di new brand Nuh like it tru we carry away scare-up of di new brand Nuh like it when wi guh pon di gully go link the cuban Sometimes me ah guh wonder if di p*ssy dem a human Di ink dem a breathe dem caan control you with nuh two grand.
  8. Jul 10,  · Antisocial Lyrics: Like a every other day, dem find sintin new fi try / If dem nuh mention mi name, dem nuh feel dem nah di light / And to how mi love pussy, couldn’t go without a night / Nuh gyal.

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